AFX Mini Pedal de Fishman Music y mas

AFX Mini Pedal Demo | EchoBack

AFX Mini Pedal de Fishman Music y mas

Fishman Music – Un pedal de delay simple pero rico en funciones con tap tempo que agrega tono y textura sin colorear completamente tu sonido. Tres tipos de delay elementales (analógico, digital y de cinta) en un pedal, sonorizados y mezclados en paralelo para dar nuevos ritmos a tus interpretaciones y grabaciones acústicas… #afx #fishman #guitarpedals

Michele Vioni | U4T9 Wireless in-Ear Monitor System | Xvive

by Xvive – Big thanks to @DRVIOSSY for providing so great review of the U4T9!

Introducing the PRS Go-Bag Musician’s Backpack | PRS Guitars

PRS Guitars – Sube al escenario o emprende tu próxima escapada de fin de semana con todo lo que necesitas guardado de forma segura. La PRS Go Bag, Musicians Backpack, es una bolsa versátil diseñada pensando en el músico. Amplio almacenamiento interior con múltiples bolsillos para una variedad de herramientas utilizadas …

Nord at NAMM 2024: Michael Bereal

nordkeyboards – ¡El gran Michael Bereal ofrece otra excelente actuación en vivo en el stand de Nord en NAMM Show 2024! Claves: Michael Bereal Ubicación: NAMM Show, Anaheim, CA Equipo: Nord Grand 2

Ron Artis II checks out the new VOX V846 Vintage Wah pedal at NAMM 2024

Vox Amps – TAKE US BACK TO NAMM! Meet @ronartisii, we were absolutely blown away by his talent! He stopped by the VOX NAMM booth to check out the new wah wah pedals! Have a listen as he takes the new V846 Vintage wah plugged into the new VOX Handwired AC30 …

How To Batch Resave In Kontakt 7 (Non-Player Import Feature)


Soundiron – En este video, Nathan demuestra cómo volver a guardar por lotes bibliotecas Kontakt más antiguas para que pueda aprovechar la función non-player import en Kontakt 7.

Upgrade Your Hometheater With AMBEO Soundbar Plus & Sub | Sennheiser

Sennheiser – Experience the world’s most immersive sound without ever leaving your couch 😏 #AMBEOSoundbarPlus #AMBEOSub @thisistechtoday

⚓ Making beats… on a yacht 📹 Yacht Beats

by Avid – Making beats… on a yacht 📹 Yacht Beats #sea #beats #meditate #protools #yacht #yachtbeats #avid #mboxstudio #yoga #ambient #dj #producer

Polarity—Thiago Pinheiro jams with the Split Personality sound pack for Chromaphone 3


Applied Acoustics Systems – Purchase Split Personality at 50% off introductory price for a limited time only

Never Back Down

by Auto-Tune® / Antares Audio Technologies – #tuneduptuesday

Auto-Tune Realtime X Sound Examples | UAD-2

Universal Audio – Mejora tu voz y agiliza tu proceso de grabación con Antares Auto-Tune® Realtime X, un plugin UAD-2 que brinda corrección de tono estándar de la industria con latencia cercana a cero en cualquier interfaz Apollo…

The Village Noir tone map shows off the lower frequencies of the Amulet’s 12″ speaker. #guitarist

by SuproUSA

Tape-style time manipulation with our fresh BBD delay model 🙂

by Sinevibes

Let’s put the ID:CORE V4 through it’s paces with this track recorded with tones just from the amp!

Blackstar Amplification – Our product demonstrator Steve Marks once again puts the ID:CORE V4 through it’s paces with this track recorded with tones just from the amp!

Rest In Peace Toby Keith. Toby was a true country icon and American legend. He will be missed! 🪕

by Gold Tone

#SterlingByMusicMan Sterling Bass – Limited Edition

by Ernie Ball

Meinl Cymbals – Big Bell Rides Comparison w/Navene Koperweis

MEINL Cymbals – See demos for each cymbal here: 22″ Byzance Brilliant Heavy Hammered Ride 18″ Classics Custom Heavy Dark Big Bell Ride 21″ Byzance Brilliant Serpents Ride 20″ Classics Custom Heavy Dark Ride 24″ Byzance Brilliant Pure Metal Ride 18″ Classics Custom Extreme Metal Big Bell Ride 20″ Clas…

Using the H4essential and H6essential Mixer Function

by ZoomSoundLab – Product Specialist Samuel Greene walks you through the mixer functions on the new H4essential and H6essential Handy Recorders.

Aspects of a successful release and more


Music Promotion Tips You Need To Do AS SOON As You Release A Song | Music Marketing Burstimo What really makes a successful release? We cover every single aspect of a successful release giving artists a checklist to know how to promote their music and continuously grow as an artist. 💻 WHO ARE WE? We’re … Read more…

Bluey 500 Audio demo: Acoustic Guitar #shorts

Black Lion Audio – Take a listen to the Bluey 500 on Acoustic Guitar!