The new generation of music makers: Nei-Nei spotlight

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The new generation of music makers: Nei-Nei spotlight

Following on from Nei-Nei’s performance of her intimate performance of ‘The Girl From Taipei City’, we caught up to explore how she connects with her location and the people to fuel ideas, document her life through sampling the world, and how music is for everyone no matter their skill or knowledge.

*** About Nei-Nei ***

Combining nature-inspired themes with hypnotic electronic beats is a core part of what defines the music of Nei-Nei, an indie singer-songwriter from Taipei City who currently lives in Shanghai.

Nei-Nei started learning classical piano at the age of three, forming her unique and diverse music style along the way. In junior high school, she got into pop music and started writing songs of her own. Nei-Nei plays a wide array of genres including urban folk, jazz-hop, indie pop, blues, samba, and more.

Besides her own original music creations, she also writes music and soundtracks for artists, brands and shopping malls, and performs at various festivals for art, drama, coffee and lifestyle events as a multifaceted creative.

In her live performances, Nei-Nei’s stage presence is immensely engaging. She excels in interactions with her live audiences, guiding them through energies from her original music. Her live show is based on a one-man band format with great versatility, combining acoustic instruments with electronic music gear, ensuring the best fit musical ambience for any given environment setting.


The new generation of music makers: Nei-Nei spotlight —

0:00 Nei-Nei’s childhood hobbies
0:44 Nei-Nei’s music creation
1:10 How Scarlett has shaped Nei-Nei’s musical journey
1:47 Documenting life
2:35 Music is not a patent

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