The SE CE 24 Standard Satin | Demo | PRS Guitars

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The SE CE 24 Standard Satin | Demo | PRS Guitars

In 2023, the first ever "CE" guitar joined the SE lineup; now we’re excited to introduce an all-mahogany version with a sleek satin finish. Featuring a bolt-on maple neck, 85/15 “S” pickups, and the ‘standard’ all-mahogany body, this SE is one of the most affordable instruments we have ever produced. Affordability does not mean compromise – this guitar still upholds the world class quality and tone you’ve come to expect from PRS. Don’t just take our word for it, have a listen as Bryan Ewald demonstrates the tonal range of this guitar, and then try one for yourself at your preferred PRS dealer.

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0:00 Intro Playing
0:50 Meet the Model
1:33 Features & Specs
2:24 Pickup Demo: Treble Pickup – Humbucker
2:44 Pickup Demo: Treble Pickup – Coil Tapped
3:16 Pickup Demo: Treble & Bass Pickups – Humbucker
3:37 Pickup Demo: Treble & Bass Pickups  – Coil Tapped
4:02 Pickup Demo: Bass Pickup – Humbucker
4:18 Pickup Demo: Bass Pickup – Coil Tapped
4:38 Talking Outro
5:06 Outro Playing

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