Line 6 | Helix | Luca Colombo | Artist Tone Performance

Video by Line 6 via YouTube
Line 6 | Helix | Luca Colombo | Artist Tone Performance

In this video, session and live guitarist Luca Colombo demonstrates the use of the three snapshots of his Helix Artist Tone preset. Luca designed this preset to work well with a semi-hollow guitar, or a slightly darker sounding neck pickup for jazz, acid jazz or fusion styles.

If you’d like to try this preset with your Helix, download it via CustomTone here:

About Helix Artist Tone Collection:
We have collaborated with a selection of Line 6 Artists to bring together a diverse collection of guitar tones that will inspire your playing.
These Tones are available as a free download for your Helix Floor, Helix LT and Helix Rack here:

Each preset is accompanied by an exclusive ‘Performance’ video by the artist as well as a ‘Tone Walkthrough’ video for you to follow along with – a great way to discover the unique approaches each artist takes to create their tones. Find out more about the Helix Artist Tone Collection here:

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