Meinl Cymbals – Imad Coulibaly – “STREAM01” by destracshn (feat. Mere Notilde)

Video by MEINL Cymbals via YouTube
Meinl Cymbals - Imad Coulibaly -

See demos for all of the cymbals in Imad’s all-Byzance setup:

15" Foundry Reserve Hihats
10" Vintage Trash Splash (left x-hat top)
10" Extra Dry Splash / 8" Traditional Splash (left x-hat bottoms)
20" Dual Crash-Ride
22" Foundry Reserve Light Ride
16" Brilliant Trash Crash (right x-hat top)
16" Dual Crash (right x-hat bottom)
18" Jazz Extra Thin Crash
19" Extra Dry Thin Crash

Imad is also using Meinl Drum Honey and a Meinl Percussion Super Flex Hihat Tambourine.

"STREAM01" by destracshn (feat. Mere Notilde)

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