The Intricate Binding Scraping Technique At Gibson Acoustic

Video by Gibson TV via YouTube
The Intricate Binding Scraping Technique At Gibson Acoustic

Get an in-depth look at the delicate and artful process of binding scraping at the Gibson Acoustic factory.

Ever wondered how hands-on our luthiers are with your Gibson Acoustic?

In this excerpt from Scraping the Binding & Antiquing Your Gibson Acoustic Guitars | The Process S2 EP8 filmed at the Gibson Acoustic factory in Bozeman, MT, we see how much care and attention goes into scraping the binding on your Gibson Acoustic guitars and why this job needs to be done!

Did you know that after being painted, Gibson Acoustic guitars are refined by hand, with precision and care?

Watch as these craftswomen of Gibson use exacto blades and microscope slides to remove excess paint from areas like the binding, a crucial step to ensure each guitar’s iconic look after they’ve been sprayed in their iconic bursts or color finishes.

Watch as we get a behind-the scenes look at the skilful art of scraping binding that brings out the crisp, clean lines on every Gibson Acoustic guitar, highlighting the dedication of each person that constructs your guitar and the work that goes into each instrument’s appearance.

Witness the incredible attention to detail and steady hands required to achieve such precision, a task that transforms a painted guitar into a masterpiece ready for you to play.

Don’t miss this fascinating insight into a crucial step in guitar making!

Gibson TV’s award-winning docuseries, “The Process,” is returning for a second season!

This time, we’re taking you behind the scenes for an in-depth look at the physical process of making our acoustic guitars.

“The Process” explores our newly expanded Gibson acoustic factory in Bozeman, MT, featuring interviews with the talented craftspeople who hand-make these beloved guitars and deep dives into the art of guitar making.

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