Meinl Cymbals – Bryce Butler – “The Migrant” by Shadow of Intent

Video by MEINL Cymbals via YouTube
Meinl Cymbals - Bryce Butler -

See demos for the cymbals in Bryce’s setup:

6" Byzance Brilliant Splash
18" Byzance Dual Trash China
14" Byzance Brilliant Heavy Hammered Hihats
8" Byzance Brilliant Splash
18" Byzance Dual Crash
10" Byzance Dual Splash
Artist Concept Model Temporal Stack II (upside down)
19" Byzance Dual Crash
22" Byzance Brilliant Heavy Hammered Ride
10" Byzance Brilliant Splash (stack top – inverted)
14" Byzance Traditional China (stack bottom)
20" Byzance Vintage Equilibrium China
Meinl Drum Honey on snare

"The Migrant" by Shadow of Intent

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