MPEG Awards 2024

Video by Georg Neumann GmbH via YouTube
MPEG Awards 2024

The inaugural Music Producers & Engineers Guild awards held in Australia recently were an opportunity for music production professionals on those shores to come together and celebrate each other’s efforts in what was a huge year (2023) for high quality music exports.

Melbourne’s Collingwood Yards was the venue fitting as it forms part of the Victorian Music Development Office and throughout the night 10 awards spanning Mix Engineer of the Year, Producer of the Year, Breakthrough Producer of the Year, Engineer of the Year as well as Writer Producer of the Year and Self-Producing Artist of the Year formed the platform for the awards. A national community project was recognised for their Outstanding Commitment to Community and along with national recognition afforded to one studio which supported the criteria for Studio of the Year. One of the biggest highlights was when veteran of the industry Charles Fisher was honoured for his 50 years commitment demonstrated to the industry he’s come to love and thrive in.

Neumann wishes all the award recipients and nominees as well as other shortlisted contenders congratulations and for information visit:

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