Tutorials | PolyBrute 12 – FullTouch® Keyboard

Video by Arturia via YouTube
Tutorials | PolyBrute 12 -  FullTouch® Keyboard

Follow Matt Paul as he dives into PolyBrute 12, the most expressive synth ever. From its expanded 12-voice architecture and FullTouch® keyboard to the Brute oscillators, modulation matrix, morphing presets and effects – PolyBrute 12 is a conduit to unprecedented soundscapes.

Explore #PolyBrute 12 → https://bit.ly/4bgUukX

00:00 Intro
03:22 FullTouch® Algorithms
04:09 FullTouch®: Env – AT
08:11 FullTouch®: AT
10:25 FullTouch®: AT – Z
11:38 Outro

Full PolyBrute Tutorials → https://bit.ly/40F98NZ


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Presenter: Matt Paull

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